We are experts in social games and applications. We will understand your goals and help you design an application that is engaging, viral and effective. We have the technical chops and experience to build a robust and scalable system.

Why work with us?

  • Social Web Expertise Our team has experience developing successful social games with millions of users. Our day to day operational experience has given us a strong sense of what works and what doesn't.
  • Technology Agnostic We base our guidance of choice of programming language, software, operating systems on our best judgement of what is best for the product. If we don't have the expertise in-house, we are in many cases able to lean on a pool of trusted partners or refer you elsewhere.
  • Honest and open communication Product development is not a perfect process. We believe that voicing concerns early helps make course corrections as needed to achieve a successful outcome.

Featured Application:

WPT Texas Hold 'Em Poker on Facebook

WPT Poker Click to Play
  • Built for FunClick Games
  • Leverages the World Poker Tour brand
  • 574,753 MAUs (as of Aug 28, 2010)